Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday 10-05-08

Up at 6. Wow can you imagine that. Us up at 6 am??? Well we did and we left the RV at 7 am and drove with Paul and June to Pensacola, Fl. to watch the "Blue Angles" fly. We arrived on base at 8:15 and were informed that the "Air Show" had been canceled. Well now what? The museum was opened to allow the masses entry as the normal opening was 9:30 am. Paul is a retired Navy Chief aviation Machinist Mate. It was a joy to visit with Paul and discuss his navy career and the aircraft that he had worked with.
We ate lunch in the Chief's Club,then walked on the beach and in the surf. We stopped at the Light House but it was closed for repair. Then drove to Fort Barrancas which is located on the navy base. The history starts with the Spanish in1698 and was a contested area during the America Revolution. The Spanish recaptured the fort in1781. The fort was seized from the Spanishin 1814 and again in 1818. Flordia became a state in 1821.

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