Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yesterday 11-11 was Veterans day and my Grandson's birthday. Thanks to all the veterans, we could not live like this without you. Happy Birthday Joshua, 20 is such a good year.
We had the oil changed in the car and had the car cleaned, both inside and out. We spent the remainder of the day relaxing at home.
Two couples we meet in Red Bay, Al. arrived here today in Rainbow Plantation. Ellie and Jim; Mark and Dortha are now setup in camp. Sure is good to visit with friends again.
Wednesday we got up late, again. We drove to Walmart to pick up prescriptions, walked the dogs around the park and visited with campers outside. Another laid back day.
I did setup reservations for next week as we are traveling to Jacksonville, Fl. to have Thanksgiving Dinner with out son and his family. We leave here Wednesday to travel to Seminole Lake in Georgia for two nights, then on to the Suwanee River in Florida for the weekend. Monday we will be at the Atlantic Ocean just north of Jacksonville, Fl. Sure hope the good weather holds.

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Hope to see you in Jacksonville!