Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day 08

Today is election day. Hope everyone voted for the candidate of their choice.
Today started out overcast and cool. the sun came out and we had a fine day. We washed clothes then drove to Walmart. Lorine picked up her meds and a little groceries.
When we returned home I noticed motor home with a Ham antenna. After unloading the car I walked the dogs over to the motor home. The guys name is Russ and he will be work-camping here till December.
Tonight Lorine(Sylvia) and I played cribbage then watched tv. Tomorrow we have to get up at 6 am so that we can go to Pensacola, Fl. to watch the "Blue Angles" fly and also get autographs. We will be with Paul and June our neighbors.
Thats all from here.

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