Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday 10-07-08

Thursday morning we drove to the post office after breakfast. The mail from Texas had not arrived. We stopped at the propane store to check on the price. At 3:49 a gallon, we will shop elsewhere. The gauge on the motor home indicates empty. We returned home to pack up the RV so that we can go to Ace Hardware in Foley, Al. for propane. there price is 2.79 a gallon. This is the first propane fill sence we were in Monson, Ma. The pack up is the same as a move, every thing must be secure. While we were out we also made a Fuel stop. Diesel at 3.59. We returned home to the same site, #81.
This morning the weather is warm, 65 degrees, and overcast. The rain started at 10 am and stayed all day. We washed clothes and made a cake. Tomorrow will be a better day.
Till Then.

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