Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday 10-03 08

Well what happened to Saturday and Sunday! Saturday I cut up the short board to make lege to make a free standing shelf. I also applied stain and varnish. The weather being warm and a little breezy we sat outside and enjoyed the nice day.
Sunday we attended church at the Marlow Methodist Church. After noon we drove to Home Depot to buy a "Strut" to hold the mud flap to the rear of the RV. While there Lorine found a "Totem Pole" as a yard ornament. Our neighbors Paul and June came over to look at the totem pole. Lorine said that she wanted our names painted on it. Paul and June laid out and painted the names and what a great job . Later they came over for a game of "Mexican Train". The great evening ended around 8 pm.
Monday, the ladies decided to shop at "Hobby Lobby". Paul and I stayed home and washed, shined the rv and add another layer of finish on the "shelf". We went to lunch at "Mellow Mushroom" pizza.
Again I do not have pictures, but had a great day.

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