Friday, May 1, 2009

Williamston, NC

The trip to Williamston, NC was looong. We departed Severville, TN at 9 am after filling with Diesel. The clouds in the mountains made a special view.

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We arrived in Williamston, NC at Pierce Mobil and RV Park at 6:30 pm. The campsite is spacious and 20 a night including 50 amps.

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Snowflafe likes to lay on the back on the couch and look out the window.

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We are in Williamston to relax and look for Sylvia's grandfather's grave site. We today visited the city clerk's office to find the cemetery and grave. Records were lost when the church burned. There were no permanent grave markers at the time of death. Without a deed to the family plot, further searching seems fruitless.
We expect to visit North Carolina's outer bank on our way to Suffolk, VA on Monday.
Till later!


Jeff Whitley said...

As a resident of Williamston, I want to say Welcome and hope your stay is pleasant and productive.

Jim and Dee said...

Sorry we didn't see you this trip, but thanks for the call. We'll meet up when we get on the road.