Thursday, May 7, 2009

Davis Lakes - Suffolk, VA

We now are camped in "Davis Lakes Campground" in Suffolk, VA. The "lakes" really are "Ponds". They can be used with canoe's or inflatables.

From Suffolk,VA

The Geese have a "family" here.

From Suffolk,VA

We visited Aunt Doris and were invited for dinner. The cabbage and pork was delicious, but the "corn bread" was "Devine". Aunt Doris and I chatted while Sylvia cleaned up.

From Suffolk,VA

Today I drove to the Doctor's office just to up-date myself on the road construction in the area. Good thing, roads have been moved. All is ready for tomorrow.
Till then!

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Joe and Sherri said...

I love cabbage and pork...and corn bread!!! How about onions? OH my gosh!!! you are making me soooo hungry.