Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doctor visit and car repair

This week has been Doctor visits and physicals for Sylvia. Friday she had a MRI to look at the section of her back that has been giving her pain. She will have a follow-up with the Doctor to discuss a remedy.

From Memorial Day and oil seal repair_1

Saturday we drove to Kyle's place to have the front crankshaft seal replaced. The job was kind of straight line and things went back together well. While we were there we also washed clothes, and dismantled the lawnmower engine. The key for crankshaft to flywheel was sheered. Saturday afternoon, we will have to get the parts Monday.

From Memorial Day and oil seal repair_1

We returned home to discover that the new seal is still leaking! Kyle will order a seal from Ford on Monday. We suspect the wrong seal was installed. This time it will come apart easier.

Till later!

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