Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday evening

Today the weather was cooler and a little rain. We started the laundry and hung around the RV. The rain stopped and we picked up the dry cleaning. While we were out we also stopped to visit with Aunt Doris. We stoppeed by the graveyard for a visit to "Mom's" grave. We also had dinner at"Wendy's", a chicken salad for me and a taco salad for Sylvia.
Tuesday is a sonogram of the heart and pack up to travel. We expect to leave here before noon and drive to Bear, DE. This is just south of Wilmington. We will be in "Lums Pond State Park campground". The trip is expected to be 6 hours. We may stay 2 days if needed.
Lyssa, no pictures today.
Till later!

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Joe and Sherri said...

I had my heart done last month...had to shave my chest and it is just now growing back!! Itch is not the word...LOL All was A OK