Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday 5-22-09

Friday morning and we have to visit Wal Mart for supplies for the long weekend. We also have to pick up a water tank that goes on the fender of the Ford Taurus. The present tank is cracked and leaks water. I called Napa, their price was $75.00, I called Auto Zone and they have the tank for $28.00. Today we pick up the tank from Auto Zone, along with antifreze.

We called Directv and they set up a dish on a pole for us. The "King Dome" is behind trees and can't see the satalite. Every time we call Directv they seem to send out the new hires, most of whom have never worked on a RV or motor home. 5 hours later the deed is done and we have satalite TV. The dish is a slimline mounted on a pole set in the ground. When we leave we will take the dish and will have to get a tripod when we need the dish again.

That's it for now. We will post pictures next time.

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