Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wed 01-28-09

Tuesday the temperatures were in the 30's with rain. Last night the rain continued and this morning there was lots of ICE.
Today after the ICE melted, we took the dogs with us and we drove to "McCown Valley Park". This is a Corps of Engineers Campground. This, like all Corps of Engineers Campgrounds, has a great view. Just inside the park we waited for a heard of 25 deer to cross the road. We stopped for pictures. After touring the campground, we returned to the gate house to see the Ranger. The Ranger was setting out feed and the deer were walking up to the gatehouse to eat. We watched and have more pictures.
We then drove to "Lake Whitney State Park". The state park is good BUT not as nice as the Corps of Engineers park. Also, with a "Senior Pass", the "Corps " park is 1/2 price.
At 6:30 Sylvia and I met Margaret at "Black Eyed Peas" for Dinner. Today is Margaret"s 86th birthday. We had a great visit and dinner.

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