Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Jan 22

This morning temps were in the 40's and rose to 65 by 11 am. The wood to hold the printer under the chair was notched and painted. The printer now has a new home, out of the way.
Sylvia had her driving test today. Of course she passed. No problem.With that completed we are now free to continue the travels.
This evening we attended a dinner at the Activity Center, at 6 dollars each it seemed like a bargain. Tomorrow we are to go to dinner with 4 other work campers to a place called "Florida's". We stopped at the place Sunday after church but the parking lot was filled and we did not go in.

We hope to leave here on Saturday to visit Margaret in Whitney, TX. Her birthday is next Wednesday. We now have to call Lisa and see if she can come down from Lubbock for next weekend.

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