Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today we woke up to SUNSHINE! How great that is to see. We have been in Alabama one Month and today is the third or forth day of Sunshine. We are not complaining, but it sure is good to see the Sun. Along with the sunshine came the wind, but that's better than liquid. Tonite the wind has died down and will be a good night.
Today we found a Doctor here in Red Bay cause Sylvia is not feeling well. Kinda congested and draining sinuses. The Doctor was able to see her today and prescribed antibiotics. Just trying to avoid serious problems.
We put together a puzzle yesterday to kill time.
Today we called the car insurance office in Massachusetts and no answer. HHUUUUUMMMMM
Went on line and checked the weather---They have ICE. We will have to call them tomorrow.
Before and after of the puzzle and a picture of Home. Click on the pictures to see "Snowflake" in the window.

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Jim and Dee said...

I love doing puzzles too. It's great you both do it together. I hope Sylvia feels better real soon. Good to see you on chat.