Saturday, January 17, 2009

Livingston, Texas 01-17-09

Saturday, the overnight lows were in the 40's. We drove into the city to have the car inspected. The first place we stopped did not have the proper paper work and the next place will not inspect cars on Saturday. We expect to have both inspected on Monday. So we stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch then came home.
Here at the park I washed the motor home. This process takes about 2 hours. The last time I washed it was when we were in Summerdale, Al in November.
Things are beginning to come together for the licensing here Just have to follow there routine, strange as it seems. We have to inspect the vehicles before they cam be licensed. The inspection places cannot inspect out of state vehicles without issuing a green sheet of paper for me to present to the tax office so them can issue plates. THAT'S TEXAS!
The sky tonight was colorful so I took a picture.
This evening we attended the bonfire and have pictures.

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