Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan. 21, 09 Livingston, TX

Monday we were up and had the motor home to "The RV Shack" for the safety inspection. The process takes about 45 minuets. Then it was the Car. The remainder of the day was clothes washing. Monday evenings there is a movie at the "Club House". "Moma Mia" is a funny musical.
Tuesday we got the plates for both vehicles and I got my drivers license. I failed to pass the vision test and had to see the Eye doctor for glasses. Sylvia passed the written exam and will take the driving exam Thursday afternoon.
Today we drove to Wally world for the usual food and things. This afternoon we went to "Lowes" for lumber to store the printer under the recliner chair. We also found a carpet to fit between the front seats. This is just a scatter rug.
Todays picture are our site with no neighbors and the "Escapees Mail " building.

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