Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday 3-3-09

Tuesday and time to have the recall on the motor home fixed. The Cummins place is in San Antonio on the access road of I-35 north. That is about 8 miles from the Campground here at "Travelers World". Did I tell you that we moved back to "Travelers World" in San Antonio for two days?
While there, the Generator was serviced, Oil and Filter. This was completed by 11: am.
While I was there Sylvia had the dogs groomed at "Petco".
We met at the RV at noon and went "Swimming" in the pool and "Hot Tub" here at the park. We picked up the dogs at 4 pm.
Tomorrow is moving day again as we go to Kerrville, TX. This town is north and west of San Antonio. Maybe 1 1/2hours drive. We expect to be there 1 week.
Long range plans are to head to Lisa's next week.
Till Later.

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