Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Corral RV Park Dalhart, TX

With the alarm set for 7, we packed up and headed for Colorado, in the "Winter". We were out of the campsite by 9:30.
We stopped for Lunch at a rest stop just north of "Amarillo, TX" The plants in the meadow are "Cactus".
From Drop Box

From Drop Box

We are in Dalhart, TX for the overnight site. We are in" Corral RV Park". They have fast "WI-FI". We arrived about 2:30. There were only 3 other campers here at the time. Now at 7:30 the park is 3/4 full.
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Tomorrow we go to Colorado City, Co to visit our Granddaughter "Bri". The weather forecast for Thursday evening and Friday is for "a sever winter storm". Oh well, we do not have to leave until after the storm and melt off.

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