Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving at Lisa's

The car was repaired and we left El Dorado, AR. The next stop is to visit my Niece Teena and Henry. They live near Dallas, a town named Quinlan, TX. Our campsite on the lake.
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Teena and Henry stopped to see us. We had dinner and a great visit. We left early Wednesday, we had 400 miles to reach Lubbock. The trip was uneventful, just the way we like to travel.
Thursday morning, Thanksgiving, We drove to Lisa's. Our Great Grand Daughter.
She may be thinking "Who is this?"
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Lisa had prepared a great meal in spite of the fact that she had to work her 2nd job, a baby store.
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This is also the way I felt after all that food.
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Friday we stayed home and did not enter the shopping frenzy. Saturday was very windy, winds to 60 mph, kept us rocking.
Sunday afternoon we prepared the meal at Lisa's as she again had to work till 3 pm.
After dinner we chatted and Lisa set up the Christmas Tree. Aniyah was playing on the rug. That's why they are called "Rug Rats"??
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That about brings us up to date. Till Later..
Friday we stayed home and let every one else shop.

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Speedy said...

Quinlan is about 10 miles from our lake lot where we stay. Where were you camped. Towakoni State Park is 2 miles from our lot. Maybe if you pass back through sometime we can get together for a visit.

Joe and Sherri