Friday, December 9, 2011

Lubbock, TX

Saturday, after Thanksgiving, we visited Lisa'a family. Aniyah is crawling and we are trying to get her to begin walking. Grandpa is trying to help out.
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Aniyah is just 9 months old. Great grandpa and Great Grandma with Aniyah.
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Sylvia and Aniyah.
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Sunday Night the snow came.
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Wednesday Lisa, Shelbie, and Aniyah stopped by.
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Grandma and Aniyah.
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Today's blog has been all our family. We did not do much else.


Speedy said...

We were in Amerillo Sunday night when the snow came. I think it was 7 degrees. My Sister passed away there Thursday.

Carla said...

What sweet pictures, we just now have granddarlings, but I hear the GREAT grands are truly special!