Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sylvia's stints

Wednesday afternoon Sylvia stated that she had some discomfort in her left chest and left jaw. She refused to see the doctor in the clinic here in Benson. Thursday morning the pain was still there. Glenn was able to have her see the doctor. Problem, the clinic is closed on Thursday. We went to the emergency room, after lunch.
The emergency room ran the EKG and discovered a difference from the old EKG that we carry with us. The emergency room doctor transferred Sylvia to the Tucson Medical Center by ambulance. In Tucson, she was admitted and observed. Friday morning the Doctor reviewed the EKG and decided to look at the heart with an angioplasty. He found two blocked artery's. He installed two stints. The doctor says that the heart was not damaged. Sylvia had a restless evening as she had to remain on her back for 6 hours, the back pain kept her awake. The nurse gave her a muscle relaxer then she was able to sleep.
Today, Saturday she was released from the hospital and is now home in Benson.
The care and attention we have received while in strange towns has been terrific. The Doctors have been top notch and the Hospitals have been very accommodating.
This is a great life "on the road".


Sandra said...

I'm so glad to hear that Sylvia is home and feeling better. It's good to know that you were well looked after.

Debbie and Rod said...

Glad to hear Sylvia is doing better. We've been down that road too!

Deb & Rod

Kathy and Robert said...

So glad you found good care for Sylvia and that she's home and doing better. Let her know we're thinking about her.
Blessings, K

dreamjosie said...

Glad you were able to finally convince Sylvia to get medical attention. I'd hate to think what might have happened. Also happy to hear that she is doing well and back home. Hugs to you both.


Randy and Terry said...

Good news! Glad that you are back home and Sylvia is on the mend.

smdrm said...

Sylvia, feel better soon. Glad you were able to get good care.

Selene, NC

Avery's Wanderings said...

thank you all for the best wish and prayers I am felling better now Sylvia

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Glad you decided to see the doctor and are now feeling better. Good lesson for everyone to not ignore these signals.