Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mail and Doctor visit

Tuesday, we have to return to Benson, AZ to pickup mail, Glenn forgot to pick it up Friday and the general delivery window is not open on Saturday. While we were there we had brunch at the "Apple Farm Bakery".
Next stop was the Doctors Office in Tucson. We found the office with the help of "Tom Tom". The Doctor gave Sylvia "Samples" of the new medication. That sure will help the budget. We stopped at "Mc Donalds"on the way home.
The dogs were very glad to see us as they had been alone fron 9 am this morning.
Till later!


Kathy and Robert said...

Gotta lovet hose doctor's samples..I get them whenever I can too! K

pammi said...


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Avery's Wanderings said...

Thanks Pammi for your information, and I welcome the comments.