Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday 4-18-10

This morning Glenn made pancakes. Sylvia got up with a sore back. We hung around the RV and did not attend church. After a hot shower Sylvia was able to get dressed and move without a lot of pain. She began putting together a meal, Billy, Wendy, and Amber were coming to dinner about 3. The meal was great and the visit fantastic.

5:30 Sylvia called Aunt Doris to see if she would be home, We took over some leftover pineapple cake, and visited with her till about dark. Great conversation and chit chat.

This week is base plate installation, blood work and the stress test for Sylvia. The base plate is for the Escape. The blood work and stress test are for Sylvia. Just wanted to keep that straight.
No pictures today. Have to remember to take pictures.
Till later.

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