Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today is Blood Work and Stress Test. We headed out at 8 am. We stopped at the hospital to have the Blood Work completed. The Doctors office is across the street.
The stress test and pictures occupied about 2 hours. We had lunch at the Cafe, then back to the Doctor for resting pictures. The results will be reveled on April 29.
Yesterday was the Base plate installation. The very professional job was completed by 2:30 as promised. While waiting we rented a car and visited downtown Portsmouth. While in the U S Navy, Glenn's ship,the "USS Little Rock", was stationed here in the Navy Yard for 6 months while being remolded.
From 4-21-10

Ships being repaired across the river.
From 4-21-10

The cruse ship is in dry dock.
Portsmouth has changed greatly sense Glenn was here in the Navy. We had lunch here.
From 4-21-10

Sylvia lived in Portsmouth when she met Glenn. The only things remaining the same are the street names.
That's all from here.


the buddhist and the biker said...

just found your blog, and I'm your newest follower

Happytrails said...

It's amazing how places change even in a short span of time.
Looks like you all found a nice spot for lunch. Keep us updated on the test results....thinking about you all.

Really miss seeing you all across the street!! Good times at Rainbow!!