Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday 3-10-10

This morning the weather is warm and humid. Rain is forecast but never came. The day turned out to be another great shorts day. Sever storms are forecast for tonight. County's north of us are under Tornado Watch.
We are now on the countdown to leave the Rainbow Plantation. Sylvia has a Doctor appointment March 16 and we have a campsite reservation in Eastbank Campground for the 17. Plans beyond that have not been formed.
We need to call friends in Tallahassee, FL to arrange to see them while we are in the area. Generally we will be in Jacksonville, FL the week of March 20 to 27 then begin the trip North, Sylvia wants to be in Suffolk for Easter.
We did call the Doctor in Suffolk for an appointment on April 16.
Till later, Peace.

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