Monday, March 22, 2010

Howard & Linda and laundry

This morning Glenn called Howard Payne, of RV-Dreams fame, and arranged a visit. They are in Welaka, FL, about 50 miles from us here in St. Augustine, FL. We arrived at their "Home " about 11:30. We had not met these fine travelers in person. Glenn has been reading their blog for about 4 years. The information contained in the blog was a great help in determining that we would have the funds to live on the road full time. Their web site
We were getting hungry so we all jumped into Howards jeep and drove to "Shrimp R US & more".
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The food is great, the conversation better.
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Sylvia had to take the picture.
We said our "See you Laters" and returned to Pacetti's RV park. Our site.
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We are on the end of the row.
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Our busy travel and visiting has not allowed the time to do laundry. The closet was becoming bare and the dirty clothes pile was large. We had left the dogs in the Motor Home when we visited Howard and Linda. Of course we brought the dogs with us to do the laundry.
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The ducks are residents of the Marina.
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Laundry finished we came home for dinner.
That's it from here.

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Brent and Julie said...

Hi there, just started following your blog, saw the link on Howard and Linda's journal. Love your puppies.