Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday 3-15-10

Monday was Monday.. We visited Wal-mart to leave our weekly deposit and pick up odds and ends needed for the next leg of our trip. We are going to East Bank Campground. A Corps of Engineers campground in South West Georgia. We will be there 2 days before stopping in Tallahassee, FL.
Our friend and neighbors Darrell and Judy Patterson stopped by while on their walk. We visited a while then attended the 4 pm meeting at the clubhouse. After the meeting we drove to the "Mellow Mushroom" a pizza house in Foley, AL.
From Mallow mushroom

Sylvia was with us also, but someone had to take the picture. We had an enjoyable evening.

Tuesday, we slept in as nothing was needed to be done this morning. Sylvia has a Doctor appointment today at 3 pm. Well like most Doctors he was running a little behind schedule. We have decided that we will continue on with our life on the road until Sylvia can't handle the pain. The Doctor did advise Sylvia to be sure to see a "Spine" specialist when she decides to have sugary. Sylvia had her Pain medicine refilled. We waited for Wal-mart Pharmacy to fill out the prescription. While waiting we had dinner at McDonald's. Not good for you, but convenient and fast.
Tomorrow we move from Rainbow Plantation to East Bank Campground, GA.
Till later!

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