Monday, November 29, 2010

Lazy weekend

We managed to avoid the black Friday crowds by staying in the RV. Saturday we stopped at "Joann's Fabric" to buy flannel material. Sylvia wanted to create a warm blanket for a little boy who lives close to our Son Kyle. The blanked consist of two sheets of fabric held together at the edges by tying them together. The blanket looks good.
From Drop Box

The blanket was assembled at Lisa's home cause she has made therm before and has the floor space.
The wind has been steady from the North and has cooled the area very nicely. Tonight, Monday, the forvast is for possible "Snow" flurries. Glenn had a feeling about staying in Lubbock to long. Well we will be here one more week then will again head West and a little South, hopefully to warmer country.
Tomorrow Glenn will take the car to Ford for a "Recall". Have to get up early, the dealership opens at 7 am. They will have the car all day.
Till later!

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