Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday 9 22-10

Yea, I know, it's been almost a week and no blog. Well, on Monday we did laundry and cleaned the inside of the Motor Home. Real exiting. Tuesday, we drove into Huntsville to Hobby Lobby. Sylvia needed information on the quilt she is making. While in the city we also stopped at Kay Jewelers, Sylvia's Birthday is coming and Glenn had to shop. A gift was selected and will be picked up this Saturday.The remainder of the week was just as exiting.
Friday, Glenn dug out the 2 Mtr radio to try to repair it. Last June Glenn connected it to a nearly dead battery. The radio shut down. When connected to a good battery, the dial lit up and nothing else worked. Today Glenn called Yaesu and talked to a repairman. He said to try to reset the entire radio. Well, it now works, just like it is supposed to. Now the job is to find a location that is acceptable to both of us.
Glenn Jr. called and we will visit his family tomorrow.
That's all from here!
Till later!

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Kathy and Robert said...

Good to hear from y'all. Blessings! Kathy