Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday 6-6-10

We are in "Sunset View Farm" Monson, Ma. Friday Sylvia needed meds, we drove to Wal Mart. While we were in Chicopee, we visited Glenn's brother Ray and his wife Marie. We had a great catch up visit as Ray doesn't have a computer or internet.
Saturday we visited our son Jon and family in Chicopee. 4 pm we drove to Kyle's home to visit him after work. Russel, his roommate, cooked us a dinner of grilled burgers and dogs.
Sunday we stopped at "The Big Y" to pick up fixin's for the cookout. Kyle, Jon, Joshua, Liticia, and Lyssa joined us.
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Joshua and Kyle with Lyssa in the background.
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Liticia was playing with "Mardi Gras Beeds".
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There was lots of food and the Banana pudding went fast.
The rains came while were cooked and every one moved inside. We had a great time in spite of the rain.
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Happytrails said...

Tell them to be careful with those Mardi Gras beads....we recyle those you know! LOL
Sounds like you all are having a great time! :)

Take care,
Mike & Gerri(happytrails)

Mark and Dortha said...

Looks like a fun bunch. We are looking forward to catching up with you guys later this summer. Anxious for you to show us your part of the world!