Saturday, June 12, 2010


This morning we visited Kyle at his home in Chicopee, MA. He is 0n vacation this week. We had lunch and spent the afternoon with him.
We returned to the RV about 6 pm, built a fire and watched the antics of the local residents. The neighbor has a bird feeder near our window. Some of the pictures of what was going on.
From Monson 6-11

This one fell off.
From Monson 6-11

A different challenger.
From Monson 6-11

From Monson 6-11

Time to eat.
From Monson 6-11

He is cute.
From Monson 6-11

Sylvia setup the feeder and has a visitor.
From Monson 6-11

Our campfire.
From Monson 6-11

Our campsite.
From Monson 6-11

One of our neighbors stopped by to ask where we lived in Texas. She and her husband live in San Antonio in the winter and here in the summer. We had a good visit and will be seeing her again.
Saturday morning and Sylvia is at the pavilion at a arts and craft class.
Till later!

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Happytrails said...

Squirrels can really put on a show!!
I'm glad to see Sylvia got a visitor (hummer) at her feeder. I had some hummers at my feeder at Pine Mountain RV Resort but nothing since we moved to FDR. Oh well.
Nice fire!!

Take care and tell Sylvia "hi" for us!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)