Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in KY

Wednesday evening, we drove to Glenn Jr's in Madison, AL. Sylvia made a chicken'n'dumplins along with her favorite, Brownies with frostin.
Thanksgiving morning we drove to Haydenville, KY to enjoy dinner with Lana's sister and family. Lana's Mom, Dad, and Grandmother were also there. We had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
From 2009-11-28 Thanksgiving
Bud, Rhonda, Becky, Lana, and Grandma.
Two thirty a group went into the woods for target practice. We had 12 guns of various calibers, rifles and pistols. We may have shot off about 150 rounds. Collecting the cases for reloads sometimes was a challenge as the grass was long. We returned before dark, in time for dessert.
Glenn Jr and Amanda playin in the pool at the hotel.
From 2009-11-28 Thanksgiving

Friday we drove home to Glenn Jr's, stopping in Nashville at a mall. The mall was packed, but this is the season. We stayed at Glenn Jr's Friday night. The dogs were very excited to be with us as a neighbor had agreed to come over and let them out and feed them.
We are now in Red Bay, AL. We expect to see "Colinda" Sunday evening .