Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov. 2 REd Bay, AL

Monday Nov. 2. Where has the time gone?
Sylvia and I spent the weekend with Glenn Jr, Lana, and Amanda. We had the dogs,Bandit and Snowflake, with us. Everyone is well and very involved in life trying to adjust to civilian life, after 24 years of Army.
We had our computers with us. A must when visiting the "specialist". Glenn's computer needed an adjustment. Something happened and now will not turn on. The specialist will take care of that. We returned with a "new" computer for this week.
Sylvia's computer is having the pictures copied to DVD's. For now we have one computer to share.
We now wait for the assignment for repair.

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Jim and Dee said...

Congrats for being out of the military, no more overseas tours. Good luck with the PC.