Friday, September 11, 2009

Boardman Coal Plant

Today we toured the Boardman Coal Power Plant. 30 years ago Glenn worked here getting the Plant up and running.
From Boardman Coal Plant

The tour was threw the Pulverizors, pumps and up to the generator floor.
This was very interesting for Glenn as he had spent one year here working on the equipment as a "Millwright". The Pulverizors.

From Boardman Coal Plant

The steam end of the generator.
From Boardman Coal Plant

Both of us at the pumps.
From Boardman Coal Plant

We went out to the coal yard to see the train pumper and coal stacker.
From Boardman Coal Plant

The car dump.
From Boardman Coal Plant

Home at last. Moving day Saturday.

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Mike Goad said...

Was the plant up and running when you went through it?

I worked at a nuclear power plant. The steam plant after the boilers is very similar to a coal plant and it is quite loud and hot when the plant is online.

Before 9/11, I used to help with tours of the nuclear plant, usually students on a field trip. I really enjoyed doing that.

Mike Goad
currently on the road in Colorado
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