Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seaway 10 years

This morning Sylvia and Marilyn drove into Malone to get a bird. Strange but yesterday while we were at a restaurant, our dog "Snowflake", knocked over the bird cage and ate the bird. So today we are getting a new bird.
We returned to the RV, washed clothes, then drove to the Seaway, Eisenhower Lock, to see the ceremony. The weather was warm, bands were great, the politicians were windy.

A Coast Guard Tug.

From Seaway 10 years

The crowd.

From Seaway 10 years

Part of the channel.

From Seaway 10 years

Part of the park at the Lock.

From Seaway 10 years

Till later.


Jim and Dee said...

I didn't know dogs would bother birds. I'm so sorry. Looks like you're in a really neat area.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Maybe you can hang the bird cage up high where Snowflake can't get it this time? Poor little bird. I am so sorry. Happy Trails, Penny, TX