Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday in the Rain

Lets go back to Tuesday. Sylvia and I drove to Gulf Shores to visit the State Park as a possible place to stay near the beach. The Park has full hook-ups and some great views. The down side is that the sites are smaller than the sites at Rainbow Plantation. Just to be fair, no other campground has sites the size of the sites here. We left the campground and drove the mile to the beach. We parked in the "Birding" parking lot, had our lunch in the pavilion, then walked barefoot an the beach. The water was warm, 78 degrees, the sand is white,ie get together in our RV. and the air temperatuer was 82 degrees. What more could you ask for?
We returned to the RV, walked the dogs, and visited with our neighbors Paul & June. June has the movie "RV" so we had a movie get together in our RV. June brought a angle food cake an d we added ice cream. That along with good conversation made for a great evening.
Wednesday we joined Paul & June and drove to "Camping World". We purchased two small plastic tables and a large mud flap for the rear of the motor home. I joined the "Presidents Club" that allows me to get the 10 % discount on all purchases. We then drove to "Winn-Dixie". While the "Girls" were shopping, Paul and I walked to the movie store. They had a buy 2 get 2 free ssooo I bought2 and got 2. We returned home and made plans for another "Movie" night. We watched "Man of the Year" with Robin Williams. A very fitting movie for the times we live in now with all the political mess. Sylvia made a "peach frozen yoga". The dish was terrific.
Thursday with rain in the forcast, I decided to wash the roof of the RV. The temperatures were in the 70's with a light wind, perfict weather to wash the RV. The job was completed before the rains began. We drove to the Post Office to pick-up the mail, The rains started then and the rain continues now, 7 pm.
That's it for now.

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