Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday 10-19-

Sunday we got upm about 8:15, after the usual routine we toured the campground with the dogs to give them some exercise, of course we needed it also.
Paul stopped over and asked if I would like to go with him to purchase some speaker wire. We started out when the low pressure alarm indicated that there was a low tire on the Jeep. We drove back to my rig where I connected the air compressor and aired the tire. Paul was able to find the problem, a screw. We decided to leave the Jeep and take my car for the trip.
We drove to Foley, Al to the Home Depot for the speaker wire. On the way home we stopped at the "Coleman" store to "wish". In the same "Strip Mall" was a tool reconditioning store. The tools looked new. This was a large store and well stocked. We returned to the Rv around 4:30.
Every Sunday evening there is a "Ice Cream" social in the Club House. This is the place to meet all the campers who attend.

Monday we got up late, 8:30. Sylvia had wanted to attend a "Beading" class but the class started at 9 am. mmmmm. Must remember to set the alarm if we need to be somewhere early! Today we washed clothes, faster now that we have a clothes line.
I closed up a hole in the frame, this will keep out large animals. The hole seems to have been cut to access the sensors for the black water tank.
Today we had Taco Salad.
That's it for now.

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