Monday, October 15, 2012

Lake Tawakoni, TX

We stopped to visit with Teena & Henry in Quinlan, TX.  Tigger was the welcome greeter at the Motorhome. Henry was at work and the dog missed him.
Teena contacted Stephanie and we all met at

We had a good meal, by then Silas was awake. Glenn reached out to Silas and he came to see me.

Teena had to hold Silas also.

Sylvia was the photographer and has a picture of each of us.
Dad Chase
Mom Stephanie
                                                     Henry and Silas
 Just before they removed us, we all walked outside for more pictures and "So long".
We included Sylvia.
And just Chase, Stephanie, and Silas.

 Sylvia and Glenn are so glad to meet Stephanie, Chase, and Silas while in the area. I suspect we could see each other again.
That's all for now as we head South to see Glenn's sister Margaret in Whitney, Texas.

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Speedy said...

Did not know if you were at Towakoni State Park which is 1 mile from our Lake Lot.