Saturday, September 18, 2010

Asheville tour and Friday after 5

Sylvia and Glenn toured Asheville with the Trolley. Asheville has a variable architecture. Stone.
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These are "Million Dollar" homes, not homes the general public could afford.
The Soapy Dog wash was cute.
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We stopped at Wally World for meds and returned to the RV.
JoAnn called to ask if we wanted to see Friday after 5, in Asheville. We all returned to Asheville to see the show.
The stag set up in the center of the street.
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The music was great, only problem, no place to sit as we did not bring chairs.
Doug suggested that we go over to the "Drum" session at the triangle. Doug and JoAnn joined in.
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This is a fun thing with lots of participation by the audience.
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This was a fun evening.
Till later!

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Gail Durham said...

Asheville is one of our favorte places, we loved the trolly tour!