Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jon's Birthyday and a trip to Holyoke

Thursday was Jon's birthday. He brought the girl's with him to supper. Sylvia made "Taco's". Mom got to be in the picture.
From Jon's Birthday

We played a card game called "Golf". The game was different and fun. This is Liticia and Jon.
From Jon's Birthday

Glenn and Jon's family.
From Jon's Birthday

Friday, Kyle was sick, Sylvia and I brought him some medicine. We took the dogs with us for Kyle to have a dog fix.
We drove to Holyoke to see a showing of a photographer,Jeff Byrnes. The show was in a restored warehouse near the canal's in Holyoke. There was good attendance and a great visit with Jeff's Mom. Jeff is a high school friend of Kyle's and spent a lot of time at our house. Was nice to see him advance with him photography business.
Saturday was the 40th birthday of "Sunset view Farms". Sylvia and I attended the show . They had a "Magician" for the children and the kids at heart. The cake and punch was great also.

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