Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday-Blood Transfusion

Wednesday Sylvia had a blood draw before we had dinner at Cecil and Emilee's. Thursday about 4:15 the Doctor called and said we were to go to Maryview Hospital in Portsmouth, Va to be matched and cross referenced for a Blood Transfusion on Friday. We arrived there about5 pm. The Order was not at the lab. The other areas were closing , the lab will not work without a written order. We returned to the RV.

Friday morning we are up at 6 am. Fed and walked the dogs, ate breakfast, and left the RV about 7:15. We arrived at the Infusion center and the Blood matching was drawn and processed. About 10:am we were notified that there was a problem, Sylvia's blood has "antibodies" and will have to wait for the special blood. Because the "IV" has been installed, Sylvia will have to be admitted "in house". We are moved to a room by 11am. The Nurse began the paperwork for the Transfusion. The first unit arrived at 12:15. Lunch arrived at 1 pm. 3:30 the first unit was completed and the 2nd unit started. We watched the tv and relaxed. Dinner was served at5:30. 6:30 the second unit was installed, The Nurse had all the paperwork completed and Sylvia was released.
We returned to Suffolk. Glenn dropped off Sylvia at Dick & Virginia's house, Aunt Doris is having a Birthday party here.
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The party was on the back deck.
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Aunt Doris and others.
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The cake, one of them.
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We returned to the RV about 10 pm.
Happy trails.


Happytrails said...

We just want Sylvia to know we are thinking about her. We will keep her in our prayers that this will do the trick and be all she needs.

Missing you all.
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Doug & JoAnn said...

Hope Sylvia is feeling much better. Sending prayers & positive thoughts your way! Hugs, Doug & JoAnn

Making Memories with Mark and Dortha said...

Tell that girl to get well quick!