Sunday, June 21, 2009

Acadia NP Sunday

Today it's raining! The third day in a row. We loaded up the dogs and drove to Acadia National Park, we wanted to see the view from the top of "Cadillac Mountain". The clouds were low again. Today the Islands were visible.

From Thunder hole Acadia NP

We stopped to let the dogs walk from a lookout.

From Thunder hole Acadia NP

We had our picture taken near one of the many water falls.

From Thunder hole Acadia NP

We stopped at "Sand Beach". The surf was up dew to the storm off shore.
From Drop Box

We stopped at the "Thunder Hole". The surf makes a lot of noise and the water sprays.
From Drop Box

From Drop Box

We dropped the dogs off at home then went to Dinner in Bar Harbor. We had "Lobster". The meal was great.
Tomorrow we leave for New Hampshire. We hope the weather is better.


Sandra said...

Beautiful photos!

Yummy! Lobster!

Jim and Dee said...

Great photos! Thanks for posting.