Monday, December 8, 2008

Daleville, Al

This morning we packed up and moved to Daleville, Al.After dumping the waste tanks we left the Eastbank Campground about 10 am. The drive was 88 miles and we were here at 12 am. Glenn Jr was having lunch at his camper when we arrived. He helped us get spotted in the campsite then had to return to work. After the setup and cleanup, we drove to Walmart to get groceries and material to cover the dash while parked as the dogs seem to spend a lot of time there.
Tonight Glenn Jr joined us for a dinner of fried chicken. While here he also set up the Wireless router to operate the air card. That will allow both of us to be online at the same time with one air card. Works great.
We expect to be here until Friday then we will move to Decatur, Al. and will be there till after Christmas.

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