Sunday, September 29, 2013


Sept.2013 Hawaii

The hotel in Honolulu.  Courtyard by Marriott

                                                   Oil coming up from the "USS Arizona".

                                               The "USS MO", The Mighty MO
Arizona from the "MO"

The State Capitol Building.

                                     The spot where Japan signed the documents of "surrender".

                           The Punch bowl.  Where the dead from December 7, 1941 are buried.
                                                    The grounds keepers still at work.
The monuments.
Our hotel in Kona

The harbor.

Our lunch stop.

                                                  Lava vents.

                                               Two types of lava. Heat makes a difference.

                                                           Close up of the vents.

                                                   A crater hear the lava tubes.

                                                                The rain forest.
                                                            Entering the Lava tube.

                                                             Lava columns.    

                                                                 Lava and Sea.

                                                           Cocoanut growing a tree.
                                                 Lava tube at waters edge.

                                                     Black sand beach at lavas edge.

Lava just below the rim.
                                          The big island on the West side. Almost desert.

                                          North side looking East.  Note the green grass.

                                         Our Guide and Jeep.

                                            Water channels to water the coffee fields

                                            One of 7 water falls.

                                                         Cooling off in the pond.

                                                               Our lunch stop.
                                            The crew on the hike.

The white is coral
                                          Foundation of a Fort in Lahaina  on Maui.
                                                         Glass bottom boat.

                                         The beach at Kaanapali

                                                   The nightly show at our hotel.
                                               One day with rain.
                                            The luau "Drums of the Pacific".

                                                Was a great show.                
                                            The fountain at night.
                                          Humpback whales migrate just off shore.
                                         Sugar cane wagon.